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What makes us Unique in Market?

HomeAbout usWhat makes us Unique in Market?
HomeAbout usWhat makes us Unique in Market?

We are committed to delivering the best service to our clients by putting the optimal resource at their disposal

One Stop Solution Provider

Invicta always has been first choice of clients for providing lifecycle BIM solutions to AEC industry because we tie our success as a business directly with the success of our clients, we take on projects and systems we know we can deliver with absolute certainty and to the high level of quality our clients have come to expect. We achieve this by ensuring that the right people from our own organization and across the supply chain are involved at every step. In our regular customer interviews, our clients repeatedly say they trust Invicta to deliver—there is no better compliment.

Customer focus is at the core of our business

Every decision we make is rooted in what’s best for our clients. Working from within our clients’ organizations, we challenge the status quo, searching for a better way while also recognizing that there is always more than one best way. At Invicta, we support a fast-paced, agile company that thrives on change, and we employ people who work best under these circumstances. For this reason, our clients never receive an out-of-the-box solution, but instead get one flexible and scalable enough to retain control and visibility every step of the way.

Data Security

Invicta knows the importance of data security and does everything in our power to secure every bit of information provided by our clients. Pinnacle is equipped with access advanced control system that monitors the computer work stations and the best firewall restrictions as a whole, for unauthorized access.

Business Communiqué

We use advanced technology services to communicate with our clients across the borders for meeting business needs. Our project managers communicate directly with clients through a number of different communication channels – FTP for file transfer, emails, messaging, video or teleconferencing, etc.